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After running away from home, Ponyboi (a disarming and troubled high school drop out) now works at Bubble-Land Laundromat-- a grungy 24-hour establishment on the wrong side of town. To make ends meet he hustles as a sex-worker within the laundromat. He works with Vinny (his manager, pimp, and Eminem-wannabe) and Angel (Vinny's glamour-trash girlfriend).

Ponyboi is a your typical Jersey boy; he loves Bruce Springsteen, the Jersey shore, and a well-rolled blunt. And like all Jersey boys, Ponyboi dreams of getting the hell out of Jersey. However, he believes the only way to do that is by meeting his Prince Charming.

Ponyboi's life changes on a lonely Valentine's day night , when a debonaire cowboy whom he's dreamed about visits him in the laundromat. Through this enchanting encounter with the man of his dreams (literally), Ponyboi discovers that perhaps he is worthy of breaking free from his past and leaving his dead-end life behind.  

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